Internet Explorer For Mac – Download

I am convinced Mac users know the benefits of the popular browser from Microsoft appreciate – for example, web design testing. But the Internet Explorer is no longer offered for Apple’s operating system for many years. But there are other ways to use the IE on your Mac. The best way is to download our:

Internet Explorer For Mac App

Internet Explorer For Mac

Download Internet Explorer For Mac

To use our Internet Explorer For Mac app, first you must download it via the download button below

download Internet Explorer For Mac

Differences for Internet Explorer from Windows

Once you start Internet Explorer on your Mac for the first time, you will notice some differences. However, these are primarily visual in nature. This means that Internet Explorer does not look so appealing on your Mac, as he would do it on a Windows PC.

The basic functionality of the Internet Explorer but are well on your Mac now available. When Apple users, there is no easier way to get to the browser from Microsoft.

About Internet Explorer

Download Internet Explorer 10 is already possible with this Release Preview that Microsoft makes available to curious users … but especially for web designers.

An intentional minimalism

In the line of the version for the new Windows 8 OS, Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for Windows 7 has a minimalist interface, in particular to show more content on the page.

The aesthetic changes are small compared to IE 9; The main improvements are more technical nature.